Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Electronic Crickets

Electronic Crickets
Create a nighttime chorus by modifying solar yard lamps
Michael F. Zbyszynski | Make Vol. 11- 2007 | Pdf | 3 pgs | 1 mb
For this project. I wanted to make something
that reminded me of many beautiful phenomena
of summer nights: crickets, chirping frogs. and
fireflies. By day, the lamps seem ordinary; they sit
and charge their batteries like all their unaltered
cousins. But as the sun goes down, each one
starts blinking and chirping. The sound and rate
of their song are determined by the temperature,
the amount of sun they receive, and the natural
variance of their components. The emergent quality
of dozens together can be fascinating. This project
has a certain affinity to BEAM robotics (see MAKE,
Volume 06, page 76).

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