Sunday, November 1, 2009

Print-and Fold Ames Room

Print-and Fold Ames Room
This classic illusion makes objects --- and hobbits- -- seem to change size
Ranjit B. | Make Vol. 14- 2008 | Pdf | 5 pgs | 2 mb
An Ames room is a distorted box that creates an illusion, from one vantage point, of varying depth, distance, and size. Invented by American ophthalmol- ogist Adelbert Ames Jr. in 1934, setups like this were used to make the hobbits look small next to Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies.

Here's how I constructed a miniature Ames room out of paper and card-board. I'll start by explaining how I derived the template that I used, which you can download at You can make your own template using this explanation or just use my template to make your own room.

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