Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Second CO from NB

Above, my second CO from Neobux
Thanks a lot, NB!
I still hope there are other next CO from you

Malam Pertamaku

malam ini malam pertama buat aku
pertama kali membuktikan bahwa
engkau bukanlah SCAM
meski cuma sekian
bahagia rasanya hati ini
rasa penasaran
tuntas sudah

malam ini
malam pembuktian bagimu

terimakasih TUHAN
terimakasih untukmu... NEOBUX
salut untukmu... NEOBUX
juga buat ALERTPAY... thanks

semoga masih ada
malam-malam berikutnya
seperti malam ini

ah, asyiknya...
dua kali dapat

Viva Easy-share !

this day is the beautiful day in my life
you know what? because of you..., easy-share
the day that i received my fee from you
the very very first payment for me
thanks GOD...!
thank you, easy-share...

although some peoples out there called me an 'abnormal' person because
using you, STAY ALIVE... FOREVER!!!

Best Regards
see you in the next payment, i surely hope so

Monday, November 30, 2009

USB Motion Detector

USB Motion Detector
Turn your PC into an ambush multimedia
Ken Delahoussaye | Make Vol. 16- 2008 | Pdf | 3 pgs | 1 mb
Gone are the days when people's interest could
be held by simple radio or television. Today we're
bombarded with information and we crave interac-
tive experiences that don't waste a single second
of our time. Advertisers recognize the difficulty of
presenting messages that cut through the clutter,
and they've come up with creative ways to capture
our attention.

One example: the multimedia kiosk, now common
in shopping malls, movie theaters, and airports.
Complete with an internal computer, sound card,
and video graphics monitor, these dazzle stations
can be a powerful advertising tool --- especially
when they have motion detection circuitry that
triggers a video presentation at the precise moment
an unsuspecting patron comes near.

This article explains how to construct a USB
motion detector that will give your computer this
hey-you ability, using a free Windows presentation
applet I wrote, USB Multimedia Presenter, so that you
can start your own kiosk advertising campaign. You
can also use the setup for practical jokes, or just to
amaze or amuse your friends.

The Disembodied Voice of Judy Garland Speaks!

The Disembodied Voice of Judy Garland Speaks!
How to make a Ghost Phone
Greg MacLaurin | Make Vol. 16- 2008 | Pdf | 3 pgs | 1 mb
Currently, I'm obsessed with analog telephones.
I don't know why. My last obsession was with the
severed hands of mummies, but let's not get into
that. Today it's phones. And these Ghost Phones are
fun. The idea is simple: hide an MP3 player and its
headphone inside an old analog telephone, and you
can listen to someone talking to you!

Chladni Plate

Chladni Plate
Edwin Wise | Make Vol. 16- 2008 | Pdf | 11 pgs | 3 mb
Use a broken speaker, bits of wire, and
tape to prepare a coneless voice coil
driver, then use it to generate standing
waves on a sheet of metal, making
sound visible. Magic!

My knowledgeable friend Robin once
said that you don't need to worry about
having too big an audio amplifier,
because speakers are usually damaged
by under-powered amps working too hard
and clipping the signal, creating rough
square waves with too much power.
I learned that this is true when I melted
a speaker's coil by running a strong
20Hz signal through it, to drive a vortex
cannon (MAKE, Volume 15, page 114).

On the bright side, I now had a nice
speaker magnet to use as the foundation
for something else I wanted to try,
a Chladni plate!