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Guitar In Open Tunings for Country Blues

Country Blues Guitar In Open Tunings - Stefan Grossman
daa | DVD | 3,95 Gb
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Telekinetic Pen

Using a small battery, a magnetic reed switch, and a miniature pager motor, this device will fit concealed inside a fine-point Sharpie pen. When a magnet is drawn near, the contacts on the reed switch close, making the Sharpie dance and vibrate on a table. I call this device the Telekinetic Pen.

The entire device can be built in an hour or two, with only a couple of soldered connections and a little work with hand tools. You can even "prove" it's a real pen by writing with it.

The Telekinetic Pen is a real attention-getter, and as far as the requisite magician's patter and routines, your imagination is the limit.


With a 1/16" drill bit, drill a cross-hole as close to the end of the brass tube as possible (Figure A). To prevent the tube from crushing, insert a regular Crayola crayon into the end before you drill.


Take the motor, bend 1 lead downward, and solder to an end of the reed switch. Solder a short length of the 24-gauge wire to the other motor lead so that it extends upward and beyond the motor by 1" or so (Figures B- D).

Put a section of coffee straw around the reed switch (Figure E). Slip a plastic soda straw around the motor plus the switch, and add a little extra length (Figure F). Bend the unsoldered lead of the reed switch 90° from its original position. Solder the button end of the battery directly to the lead on the switch (Figure G). The motor/reed switch/battery assembly is complete.


Slide the assembly into the tube, battery first, until the top of the motor weight is just flush with the tube end (Figure H). Push on the straw to get the assembly into the tube. If the fit is loose, secure with a drop of super glue.


Bend the top wire around the tube and downward. Solder the wire onto the outside of the tube and let it cool (Figure J).

After cooling, manually check the rotation of the motor to make sure that the wire does not interfere with the counterweight. If it does, push the wire away with a pencil.


Insert the spring, then the washer, and finally the cross-pin, which holds everything in place. The cross-pin can be made from a properly sized brad or any type of sturdy metal, and cut and filed to length.


Pull the Sharpie apart (Figure K). Discard the large ink reservoir. With pliers, remove the writing point from the nose (Figure L), and set the point aside. With an 11/32" drill bit. drill out the nose of the Sharpie to a depth of around 1". Snip the writing point to about 1/4" long, and reinsert it into the Sharpie nose. Now insert the vibrating module into the Sharpie and snap the 2 ends together. Put the cap back on (Figure M). When a magnet is drawn near the pen. or vice versa, it will vibrate.

Neodymium magnets have the best power-to-size ratios of all magnets. and can be concealed easily. A drop of super glue can hold one under your hand, and when you sweep it over the Telekinetic Pen, it'll set it off. The magnet can be peeled off afterward, and any glue remnants will wear away.

NOTE: The Telekinetic Pen will be heavier than a standard Sharpie. so plan accordingly.

- Telekinetic Pen Kit: The Maker Store
(store is offering a parts kit for this project, including a cut-to-length brass tube, the micro pager motor. reed switch, spring, washer, and pin material.

Brian Dereu
is a self-employed manufacturer who enjoys
gadgets, fishing, and family.

Make Magazine Vo. 13

Bacteria and Viruses

Bacteria and Viruses
Peggy Thomas | ISBN: 1-59018-438-6 | 113 pgs | 8 mb
People do not realize how often they come into contact with bacteria and viruses. These microscopic organisms are in the air, on the surface of this book, and inside people’s bodies digesting their last meal. Most people do not fully appreciate that microbes are responsible for the oxygen they breathe, the healthy vegetables on the kitchen table, the pungent cheese in the refrigerator, the clean clothes in the closet, and the clean water coming through the plumbing. Every aspect of people’s lives and every part of the natural world is affected, for better or worse, by the actions of bacteria and viruses.

And the worst comes in the form of disease. Even though the overwhelming majority of the encounters with microbes go unnoticed, people are quick to respond when a run-in gives them a runny nose, fever, upset stomach, or more severe symptoms. Some bacteria and viruses cause such pain and devastation that they become headline news. Every year novel microbes are discovered and new infectious diseases emerge. It is not big news when a new bacterium is discovered living harmlessly in the soil, but it is broadcast when a virus mysteriously crops up out of nowhere and killsunsuspecting victims.

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Magnetic Stripe Reader
Billy Hoffman | Make Vol. 01 - 2005 | Pdf | 16 pgs | 3 mb
Open your wallet. How many cards in there have magstripes on them? If you're like me, the answer is five or six. Ever wonder what's encoded on them?

I did. One day a friend of mine had a $200 off-the-shelf magstripe reader, so I ran my cards through it. Aside from the expected credit card numbers, I was surprised by the amount of personal information encoded on them. In fact, for reasons I still don't know, two cards contained my Social Security number.

Now you can find out. This project shows you how to make a magstripe reader for less than $40.

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Extremis Design - Furniture Magazine

Extremis Design - Furniture Magazine
Pdf | 146 pgs | 6 mb


Bookkeeping and Accounting

Bookkeeping and Accounting
Schaum's Series | ISBN 0-07-142240-4 | Pdf | 144 pgs | 2 mb

Based on Schaum’s Outline of Theory and Problems of Bookkeeping and Accounting, Third Edition by Joel J. Lerner, M.S.,Ph.D.

Abridgement Editors by Da niel L. Fulks, Ph.D. and Michael K. Staton


How-to Hydroponics

How-to Hydroponics
Keith Roberto | ISBN - 0-9672026-1-2 | Pdf | 102 pgs | 7 mb

How-To Hydroponics has been written in an easy to follow style that combines a basic yet comprehensive background in the science of hydroponics with the hands-on experience that makes learning fun. Whether you grow for fun, food or profit, this completely revised edition covers everything you’ll need to know to develop a working knowledge of the technology.

You’ll learn, step-by-step, how to build and operate all the hydroponic and aeroponic systems detailed for construction in the book. You’ll learn how to grow your favorite flowers, herbs and
veggies with this exciting technology that is revolutionizing the agricultural industry.


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Kite Aerial Photography

Kite Aerial Photography Puts Your Eye in the Sky
Charles Benton | Make Vol. 01 - 2005 | Pdf | 36 pgs | 8 mb

Kite aerial photography appeals to that part of me, perhaps of all of us, that would slip our earthly bonds and see the world from new heights. An aerial view offers a fresh perspective of familiar landscapes, and in doing so challenges our spatial sensibilities, our grasp of relationships.

To take pictures from a kite, you need three things: a kite, a camera, and a special rig that attaches the camera to the kiteline and activates the shutter button on the camera. Here's how to do it.
---Charles C. Benton


Digital Camera Magazine

Digital Camera Magazine
Pdf | 49 pgs | 3 mb
Many photographers just starting out tend to think of the role of light only in terms of exposure. But fi nding the best light and learning how to control it can have a huge effect on the emotional impact of your images. This book will arm you with the knowledge and techniques you need to really begin mastering light.



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Foot Reflexology

Foot Reflexology
NavNeet | Dr. Dhiren Gala | 75 pgs | 18 mb

Like acupuncture and acupressure, reflexology is a therapeutic science of stimulating specific regions [on the soles] which have a correspondence with the internal organs and other structures of the body. Acupuncture and reflexology cause their healing effects by stimulating the flow of 'Qi' energy.

How reflexology works, is an enigma. The same question is just as complex to answer when applied to widely used therapies like aspirin or naesthesia. Acupuncture and reflexology are also, therefore, used on a similar empirical
basis as they are safe, simple, effective and economical.

Understanding Blend Modes

Understanding Blend Modes
Photoshop Creative #20| Pdf | 12 pgs | 3 mb

Blending modes have been a vital part of Photoshop ever since layers were introduced in version 3. By altering the way a layer affects what’s below, they open up a vast range of creative possibilities. Their uses are most obvious when you’re building up a layered composition, but you can also layer copies of the same image to produce custom effects. And blending modes can be used in other areas of Photoshop as well, for example with brushes.

When you add a layer to a Photoshop document, whatever’s in it covers up what’s in the layer(s) underneath. For example, when you use the Text tool to add type to a photo, the letters appear in a new layer. The pixels within the letters appear in the selected colour, covering up the image below. The pixels outside the letters are transparent, so the image shows through unchanged.

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Eye Movements

Eye Movements
A window on mind and brain
Van Gompel, Fischer, Murray, Hill
ISBN-10: 0-08-044980-8 | Pdf | 755 pgs | 15 mb
This book documents much of the state of the art in current eye-movement research by bringing together work from a wide variety of disciplines. The book grew out of ECEM 12, the very successful 12th European Conference on Eye Movements that was held at the University of Dundee in August 2003. This biennial conference attracts attendants with very diverse backgrounds who present the latest findings in eye-movement research, and it is probably unique in the way that it fosters interactions between specialists from quite different backgrounds, but all of whom work with eye movements in one form or another. The format of this book is similar in that it aims to provide an overview of the latest research in a wide variety of eye-movement disciplines and intends to encourage cross-fertilisation between these different areas. Thus, this book is intended to be an authoritative reference for everyone with an interest in eye-movement research.

The book is not merely a collection of research presented at ECEM 12. Because there is always a necessary delay between the time that findings are presented at a conference and subsequent publication, we asked conference attendees to report their latest research. In addition, we asked a number of authors who did not attend ECEM 12 to write a chapter related to aspects of eye-movement research that were not in fact presented at ECEM 12. The chapters were carefully selected from abstracts that the authors sent us and each chapter was peer-reviewed.



An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography

An Introduction to Mathematical Cryptography
Hoffstein, Pipher, Silverman | ISBN 978-0-387-77993-5
Pdf | 533 pgs | 8 mb

The security of communications and commerce in a digital age relies on the modern incarnation of the ancient art of codes and ciphers. Underlying the birth of modern cryptography is a great deal of fascinating mathematics, some of which has been developed for cryptographic applications, but much of which is taken from the classical mathematical canon. The principal goal of this book is to introduce the reader to a variety of mathematical topics while simultaneously integrating the mathematics into a description of modern public key cryptography.

Public key cryptography draws on many areas of mathematics, including number theory, abstract algebra, probability, and information theory. Each of these topics is introduced and developed in sufficient detail so that this book provides a self-contained course for the beginning student. The only prerequisite is a first course in linear algebra. On the other hand, students with stronger mathematical backgrounds can move directly to cryptographic applications and still have time for advanced topics such as elliptic curve pairings and lattice-reduction algorithms.



Michael Franks: One Bad Habit (1980)

Michael Franks: One Bad Habit (1980)
9 Mp3 | 320khz | 88mb
Eddie Gomez, Don Grolnick, Bill Reichenbach, Rick Zunigar, Ray Armando, Dennis Belfield, Lenny Castro, Clare Fischer, Andre Fischer, Eric Gale, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Yolanda Howard, Kim Hutchcroft, Neil Jason, Rick Marotta, Hugh McCracken, Petsye Powell, Sylvia Shemwell, George Sopuch, David Spinoza, Tennyson Stephens & Larry Williams.

Tracks list:
2.Inside You
3.All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go
4.Lotus Blossom
5.On My Way Home To You
6.One Bad Habit
7.Loving You More And More
8.Still Life
9.He Tells Himself He's Happy



Menikmati Golf Tanpa Celaka

Meski terkesan santai, olahraga golf bisa juga
mendatangkan cedera.
Inilah cara-cara menghindarinya.

DENGAN segala kemewahan dan kesantaiannya, banyak pihak yang mengatakan bahwa olahraga golf bukanlah olahraga yang sebenarnya. Tanpa gerakan-gerakan berat apalagi kontak fisik seperti halnya permainan sepakbola. Ditambah, golf lebih banyak dimanfaatkan untuk ajang lobi-lobi antar relasi bisnis, politik, dan sebagainya, maka lengkap sudah anggapan tersebut.

Tetapi tahukah Anda, bahwa sekalipun olahraga golf ini terlihat cenderung santai, para pemainnya juga bisa terkena cedera? Tidak seperti sepakbola yang memang penuh dengan kontak fisik sehingga faktor eksternal seperti tackling lawan dapat menyebabkan rasa sakit, pada olahraga ini cedera umumnya datang karena posisi serta teknik yang salah dari pemain golf itu sendiri, terutama bagi para pemula.

Olahraga ini menyimpan potensi cedera bagi para pemainnya mulai dari leher sampai kaki jika dilakukan dengan teknik yang sembarangan. Adapun beberapa cedera yang mungkin menghampiri para pemain olahraga elit ini di antaranya:

Pada leher dan otot

Cedera leher biasanya datang menghampiri karena pemain mengayunkan tongkat dan kakinya secara berlebihan ketika ia berada dalam posisi berdiri. Sedangkan pada cedera otot datang karena pemain golf terlalu bersemangat bermain atau overplay. Sebagaimana olahraga lain jika dilakukan secara berlebihan hasilnya akan buruk bagi tubuh, dan ini jugalah yang terjadi pada kasus cedera otot ini. Tidak menutup kemungkinan pula cedera otot terjadi karena pukulan tersebut tidak dalam posisi yang benar. Otot yang cedera pada kasus ini adalah otot trapesius yang terletak pada kiri dan kanan leher yang ke arah bahu.

Tulang punggung

Untuk para pemain yang sudah berusia emas, kerap diingatkan pentingnya kekuatan tulang. Ini bukan isapan jempol, karena tahukah Anda bahwa golongan ini bisa terkena cedera pada daerah tulang punggung? Tulang punggung dilindungi oleh tulang-tulang rusuk sehingga daerah ini jarang cedera. Namun kerap kita menemukan kasus bahwa bertambahnya usia seseorang menyebabkan mulai rapuhnya struktur tulang tersebut. Pada pegolf usia lanjut dengan kepadatan tulang yang mulai menurun, jika ia memukul terlalu keras dapat mengalami fraktur pada badan dari ruas-ruas tulang belakang atau tulang-tulang rusuk. Dapat pula terjadi rasa nyeri sedikit di antara tulang rusuk tersebut karena serabut saraf terjepit.

Cedera pada tangan

Cedera ini mungkin terjadi pada ibu jari (kiri pada pemain bertangan kanan, dan kanan pada pemain kidal). Cedera ini terjadi karena pemain terlalu rileks ketika ia meletakkan pegangan tangan untuk backswing. Jika rasa sakit itu memuncak maka akan terjadi rasa nyeri ketika tendon-tendon, otot fleksor dan aduktor (otot pada lengan bawah) ditekan. Rasa sakit juga bisa timbul pada pergelangan tangan. Hal tersebut terjadi karena iritasi pada tulang Stiloidem (satu tulang pada pergelangan).

Cedera juga bisa terjadi pada siku para pemain golf, dan ini juga lazim disebut sebagai Golfer's Elbow. Jika ini terjadi para pemain golf biasanya meletakkan es atau cold pack pada tempat yang nyeri selama kurang lebih 15-25 menit. Atau juga mengistirahatkan sendi siku untuk proses pemulihan dan menggunakan brace untuk membantu stabilitas sendi. Jika cedera ini bertambah parah maka ada baiknya Anda berkonsultasi dengan fisioterapi atau dokter agar mendapat perawatan yang benar.

Rasa sakit di pinggang

Diungkapkan oleh seorang spesialis olahraga, Dr Sadoso Sumosardjono DSOR, bahwa cedera ini diakibatkan karena pembebanan terhadap pinggang oleh sikap badan yang kurang baik. Terlebih banyak yang memiliki otot perut kurang kuat. Hati-hati pula pada turnamen yang berdurasi cukup panjang karena dalam turnamen seperti ini jamak bagi para peserta/pegolf untuk berdiri lama, membungkuk atau menunggu. Jangan lupakan kereta golf yang membawa para pegolf dari satu hole ke hole lainnya, diam-diam benda ini juga berpotensi mendatangkan cedera bagi Anda. Kendaraan ini umumnya tidak mempunyai sandaran yang baik, oleh karena itu ketika kereta bergerak secara tiba-tiba maka pinggang penumpang juga akan melengkung ke belakang secara tiba-tiba. Kereta golf ini terkadang juga menghentak secara keras bila melewati tempat yang tidak rata atau dikendarai di tempat kasar. Jika hal ini terjadi terus-menerus maka lama-lama penumpang bisa mengalami sakit pinggang.

Pinggul, lutut, pergelangan kaki, dan kaki

Berdiri atau bermain terlalu lama bisa mengakibatkan tubuh serasa diforsir untuk beraktivitas berat. Hal ini bisa dirasakan oleh rasa sakit yang muncul di sendi, pembengkakan atau terbatasnya gerak.

Sengatan panas

Bermain golf di siang hari memang paling memungkinkan. Tapi jangan lupa kalau sengatan matahari juga bisa membuat Anda jatuh sakit. Gunakanlah topi untuk setidaknya mengurangi panas yang "menghajar" lapangan golf tersebut. Setidaknya akibat yang bisa terjadi adalah cedera kulit yang bila telah akut bisa saja berkembang menjadi kanker kulit, cukup mengerikan. Jangan sampai lupa minum yang banyak karena air yang Anda konsumsi tersebut akan mengurangi kemungkinan Anda/pegolf mengalami dehidrasi di bawah matahari yang terik.

Ini solusinya!

Yang harus diingat adalah bahwa acapkali badan kita tidak bisa sering-sering diforsir untuk beraktivitas di luar kemampuannya. Terlebih bagi para orang sibuk dan profesional yang banyak menghabiskan waktu mereka berjibaku melawan segala tuntutan pekerjaan dan stres yang menggelayuti pikiran. Ketika Anda berolahraga, hal tersebut akan sedikit melepaskan kepenatan Anda, namun jika Anda secara berlebihan melakukannya maka cedera-cedera seperti di ataslah yang akan mendatangi Anda.

Beberapa hal yang bisa membantu Anda untu mencegah cedera tersebut di antaranya:

  • Berikan perhatian pada koordinasi dan kemampuan otot. Sewaktu Anda memukul sebaiknya Anda memperhitungkan juga posisi badan.

  • Konsentrasikan pikiran Anda sehingga Anda melakukannya dengan benar.

  • Tidak bisa dipungkiri golf adalah olahraga bergengsi. Maka tak heran kalau setiap pegolf ingin menunjukkan diri. Namun sesekali perlu juga Anda pertimbangkan untuk 'mendinginkan kepala' karena emosi kerap membuat orang bertindak yang kurang wajar, apalagi jika skor Anda tertinggal.

  • Periksakan selalu kesehatan Anda. Janganlah menganggap karena golf adalah olahraga santai maka tes medis menjadi tidak berguna. Ini dilakukan agar Anda selaku sehat dan bisa menikmati permainan ini dengan baik tanpa masalah kesehatan di atas lapangan.

Edisi 07/VIII - Juli 2009


  • Anemophobia - Fear of air.
  • Caligynephobia, Venustraphobia - Fear of beautiful women.
  • Dextrophobia - Fear of objects at the right side of the body.
  • Euphobia - Fear of hearing good news.
  • Fearaphobia - Fear of the word fear.
  • Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, Sesquipedalophobia - Fear of long words.
  • Iconophobia - Fear of images or icons.
  • Levophobia - Fear of things to the left side of the body.
  • Panophobia, Pantophobia - Fear of everything.
  • Parthenophobia - Fear of virgins or young girls.
  • Phobophobia - Fear of phobias.
  • Phobophobiaphobia - Fear of fear of phobias.