Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tight-Fit Workbench

Tight-Fit Workbench
Todd Lapin | Make Vol. 10- 2007 | Pdf | 2 pgs | 1 mb
It's hard to be a maker if you don't have a good place to do your making. Yet two things often stand in the way of building out a basic home workbench: high cost and limited space.

Industrial-grade fixtures and spiffy garage storage systems cost a pretty penny. Likewise. domestic real estate is a scarce commodity - garages must still be used for parking cars, basements for storing stuff. and utility rooms must shelter washing machines and assorted whatnot.

I faced those constraints and a little more when I set out to build a simple workbench in my narrow garage. To avoid getting in the way of my car, the bench had to be shallow - no more than 2' deep. I needed lots of storage for tools, small parts. and bulky boxes of big stuff.

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