Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lucid Dreaming Mask

Lucid Dreaming Mask
Nathan True | Make Vol. 10- 2007 | Pdf | 1 pgs | 1 mb
YOU'RE SITTING IN YOUR CAR, DRIVING to work. Al a stoplight, the car across the way starts flashing its lights al you. Squinting, you think: What's thisguy's problem? Lazily, you recall something about bright lights ... and then you remember. Flashing lights mean I'm dreaming? You take a moment to confirm it (yes, your glove compartment is filled with goldfish, as expected). then step calmly out of your car and decide to fly through the air.

This is the "lucid dreaming" state, which lets you interact consciously with your dream worlds and break the rules of reality. Lucid dreaming is fun, and enthusiasts have developed many ways of trying to induce the phenomenon, from simply repeating statements of intent ("I will realize I am dreaming tonight") to using hypnosis and brain wave analysis.