Thursday, August 27, 2009

Statistical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery

Statistical Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
Hamparsum Bozdogan | ISBN 1-58488-344-8 | 595 pgs | 24 mb
  • 1. The Role of Bayesian and Frequentist MultivariateModeling in Statistical DataMining
  • 2. Intelligent Statistical Data Mining with Information Complexity and Genetic Algorithms
  • 3. Econometric and Statistical Data Mining, Prediction and Policy-Making
  • 4. Data Mining Strategies for the Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents
  • 5. Disclosure LimitationMethods Based on Bounds for Large Contingency Tables With Applications to Disability
  • 6. Partial Membership Models with Application to Disability Survey Data
  • 7. Automated Scoring of Polygraph Data
  • 8. Missing Value Algorithms in Decision Trees
  • 9. Unsupervised Learning from Incomplete Data Using a Mixture Model Approach
  • 10. Improving the Performance of Radial Basis Function (RBF) Classification Using Information Criteria
  • 11. Use of Kernel Based Techniques for Sensor Validation in Nuclear Power Plants
  • 12. Data Mining and Traditional Regression
  • 13. An Extended Sliced Inverse Regression
  • 14. Using Genetic Programming to Improve the Group Method of Data Handling in Time Series Prediction
  • 15. Data Mining for Monitoring Plant Devices Using GMDH and Pattern Classification
  • 16. Statistical Modeling and Data Mining to Identify Consumer Preferences
  • 17. Testing for Structural Change Over Time of Brand Attribute Perceptions in Market Segments
  • 18. Kernel PCA for Feature Extraction with Information Complexity
  • 19. Global Principal Component Analysis for DimensionalityReduction in Distributed Data Mining
  • 20. A New Metric for Categorical Data
  • 21. Ordinal Logistic Modeling Using ICOMP as a Goodness-of-Fit Criterion
  • 22. Comparing Latent Class Factor Analysis with the Traditional Approach in Data Mining
  • 23. On Cluster Effects in Mining Complex Econometric Data
  • 24. Neural Network-Based Data Mining Techniques for Steel Making
  • 25. Solving Data Clustering Problem as a String Search Problem
  • 26. Behavior-Based Recommender Systems as Value-Added Services for Scientific Libraries
  • 27. GTP (General Text Parser) Software for Text Mining
  • 28. Implication Intensity: From the Basic Statistical Definition to the Entropic Version
  • 29. Use of a Secondary Splitting Criterion in Classification Forest Construction
  • 30. A Method Integrating Self-Organizing Maps to Predict the Probability of Barrier Removal
  • 31. Cluster Analysis of Imputed Financial Data Using an Augmentation-Based Algorithm
  • 32. Data Mining in Federal Agencies
  • 33. STING: Evaluation of Scientific&Technological Innovation and Progress
  • 34. The Semantic Conference Organizer


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