Monday, August 24, 2009

Polyhedron Origami For Beginners

Polyhedron Origami For Beginners
Miyuki Kawamura | ISBN 4-8896-085-6 | Pdf | 100 pgs | 13 mb
This Book is for Everyone-- those who already love polyhedra, and those who don't know anything about them.

Do you love polyhedra? Have you made them before? Or are they a complete mystery to you? I myself have loved polyhedra since I was a child, partly because I could see so many different shapes in a single polyhedron. (But, really, I don't know why I love polyhedra. I just love them, and that's all.) Before I began to study polyhedra, and to build them with origami, I didn't know there were so many polyhedra in the world.

There was no one to teach me, and there were no books to show me. I wanted other people to be able to easily learn about polyhedra,
and to make them themselves, and so I wrote this book. I hope this book leads you into the world of polyhedra!