Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cut Hair at Home Lika a Pro

Cut Hair at Home Lika a Pro
Steven Woodham| Pdf | 56 pgs | 2 mb
Anyone can cut hair. All it takes is a desire to do so and a few basic instructions. What is most important is practice.

After a trip to the beauty salon or barber shop, most people feel as if some mystery or secret has just been performed. It is as if someone has waved a magic wand over our head. All we know is that after a good haircut we look a little neater and more well groomed. The purpose of this book is to take the mystery out of cutting hair. This book will show you the basics. In an illustrated, easy to understand, step by step format, you will learn everything from what tools you will need to do a good job, to the three basic methods from which all cuts and styles are derived.

It is important that you read this book completely from cover to cover before attempting any of the cuts.

One word of caution: it is unlawful, in most places, to cut hair without a license. If you are reading this book, you may want to consider becoming a licensed professional. I have included a special section on the pros and cons of haircutting as a career for those who may be interested. In any case, one need not be a licensed professional to perform a professional looking haircut. I have seen several so called “home haircuts” in my career that looked as good as what I myself, a licensed professional, could do. In the next chapter, we will get started so you too, can cut hair like a pro.


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