Thursday, August 13, 2009

Developing Thinking in Statistics

Developing Thinking in Statistics
Alan Graham | ISBN-13 978-1-4129-1167-2 (pbk) | Pdf | 289 pgs | 4 mb

Statistical thinking will one day be as necessary a qualification for efficient citizenship as the ability to read and write. (H.G.Wells, 1865, quoted in Weaver, 1952).

Statistics is a key area of the school mathematics curriculum where mathematics and the real world meet.The term ‘data handling’ is sometimes used to refer to the same thing as ‘statistics’. In this book, however, ‘statistics’ is given a wider meaning than ‘data handling’, covering the full range of ideas and concepts that inform one’s thinking when posing and tackling real-world problems where data are used. Although potentially a subject where teaching can be motivating and relevant to everyday concerns, statistics is nevertheless sometimes seen as boring, predominantly involving mechanical calculation.The aim in writing this book is to help teachers and others interested in statistical thinking to become excited about and inspired by the big ideas of statistics and, in turn, to teach them enthusiastically to learners.


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