Saturday, August 15, 2009

Acting for Film

Acting for Film
Cathy Haase | ISBN 1-58115-252-3 | Pdf | 210 pgs | 2 mb
Being an actor, I have a very practical, yet personal approach to things. Whatever the technique or philosophy is, it has to work for me in the field; it has to work when the camera is rolling. Every actor is a unique instrument that only he or she knows how to play, so my advice to you is, take everything in, keep what works for you, and leave the rest for later.

Many people think that film acting is simply a portrayal of a strong personality, that the actor, who possesses a strong ego and a love of performing, just memorizes the lines and jumps before the camera. People think that it takes a certain type of personality to do this, and it does, but what they don’t consider are the intricate techniques of craft that the actor practices and the depth of self-knowledge that she must strive for in developing her instrument. ...

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