Sunday, August 16, 2009

Eye Movements

Eye Movements
A window on mind and brain
Van Gompel, Fischer, Murray, Hill
ISBN-10: 0-08-044980-8 | Pdf | 755 pgs | 15 mb
This book documents much of the state of the art in current eye-movement research by bringing together work from a wide variety of disciplines. The book grew out of ECEM 12, the very successful 12th European Conference on Eye Movements that was held at the University of Dundee in August 2003. This biennial conference attracts attendants with very diverse backgrounds who present the latest findings in eye-movement research, and it is probably unique in the way that it fosters interactions between specialists from quite different backgrounds, but all of whom work with eye movements in one form or another. The format of this book is similar in that it aims to provide an overview of the latest research in a wide variety of eye-movement disciplines and intends to encourage cross-fertilisation between these different areas. Thus, this book is intended to be an authoritative reference for everyone with an interest in eye-movement research.

The book is not merely a collection of research presented at ECEM 12. Because there is always a necessary delay between the time that findings are presented at a conference and subsequent publication, we asked conference attendees to report their latest research. In addition, we asked a number of authors who did not attend ECEM 12 to write a chapter related to aspects of eye-movement research that were not in fact presented at ECEM 12. The chapters were carefully selected from abstracts that the authors sent us and each chapter was peer-reviewed.



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