Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Understanding Blend Modes

Understanding Blend Modes
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Blending modes have been a vital part of Photoshop ever since layers were introduced in version 3. By altering the way a layer affects what’s below, they open up a vast range of creative possibilities. Their uses are most obvious when you’re building up a layered composition, but you can also layer copies of the same image to produce custom effects. And blending modes can be used in other areas of Photoshop as well, for example with brushes.

When you add a layer to a Photoshop document, whatever’s in it covers up what’s in the layer(s) underneath. For example, when you use the Text tool to add type to a photo, the letters appear in a new layer. The pixels within the letters appear in the selected colour, covering up the image below. The pixels outside the letters are transparent, so the image shows through unchanged.

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