Monday, October 12, 2009

Project Orion: Saturn by 1970

Project Orion: Saturn by 1970
George Dyson | Make Vol. 12- 2007 | Pdf | 4 pgs | 2 mb
Fifty years ago tail fins, not seat belts,
were standard equipment on American cars. Russia
was ahead in space, but America was ahead on the
road. Sputnik I, weighing 184 pounds. was launched
on Oct. 4,1957 and circled the Earth every 90
minutes for the next three months. Sputnik II, weigh-
ing 1,120 pounds, followed on Nov. 3 and included
Laika. the pioneer of spacefaring dogs. Earth's third
artificial satellite was launched by a 32-ton Jupiter-C
rocket built by the Chrysler Corporation, on Jan. 31,
1958. Explorer I weighed 31 pounds.

The race for space had begun....

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