Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Evasive Beeping Thing

Evasive Beeping Thing
Brad Graham & kathy McGowan | Make Vol. 14- 2008 | Pdf | 3 pgs | 1 mb
The Evasive Beeping Thing is appropriately named,
since it dutifully does exactly what its name implies:
it sends out a 5-second, high-pitched beep every
few minutes. The source is extremely difficult to
locate because of the way that high frequencies
can penetrate objects and trick our ears.

You've probably encountered something similar in
the real world, such as a failing appliance or a beep-
ing wristwatch buried deep in a couch. As you know,
high-pitched sounds seem like they are coming from
all directions, which makes tracking them to the
source a real chore. Add the fact that the sound only
happens once every several minutes, and it may drive
a person loopy as they spend all day looking for the
source of the sound. Well, that's our goal, anyhow!

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