Thursday, October 29, 2009

Art Work: Life Models

Art Work: Life Models
Douglas Repetto | Make Vol. 14- 2008 | Pdf | 2 pgs | 1 mb
been full of reference materials like botanical
drawings, medical texts, photographs, cata-
logs, and images clipped from magazines. Artists
use these images as direct models for realistic
renderings. but they often provide indirect inspira-
tion as well: patterns in a botanical drawing might
end up as abstract gestures in a painting, or shapes
from a tool catalog might inspire sculptural forms.

Just as often, reference materials simply set the
mood or tone in the studio: being surrounded by
meaningful materials is an inspiration in itself. I
recently visited the reconstruction of Francis Bacon's
home studio at the Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, and
was overwhelmed by the density and intensity of
the materials (books, magazines, clothing, painting
supplies, canvases) jumbled across every surface in
the room. Although Bacon didn't often use images
from these sources directly in his paintings, he was
certainly inspired by having them around. He said:
"I feel at home here in this chaos because chaos
suggests images to me." Interestingly, the rest of
his small home was rather tidy and uncluttered; the
chaos of his studio seemed a conscious technique.
a key part of his process as a painter.

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