Saturday, November 14, 2009

VoIPing the iPod Touch

VoIPing the iPod Touch
How makers gave you the feature that Apple held back
Erica Sadun | Make Vol. 15- 2008 | Pdf | 2 pgs | 1 mb
It's a maker's dream: turn your homebrew ideas
into a concrete reality and then ship that product.
This dream came true for iPod hackers Dr. Marian
Kepesi, "Eok," and Samuel Vinson. They designed,
built, and shipped an iPod touch microphone and
developed VolP(voice over internet protocol) soft-
ware to place phone calls using that mic.

Last November, Kepesi was poking around on his
iPod Touch. A postdoc at Austria's Graz University
of Technology, he had previously worked with third-
generation iPods and was interested in the new
Touch line.

During his explorations, he discovered an impor-
tant fact about the iPod Touch's bottom connector
port: its line-in audio was active. Live pins meant
that the iPod Touch could connect to an external
audio source. It was compatible with recording or,
better yet, with VolP for talking over the internet.
VoIP compatibility was a long-standing goal of the
iPhone and iPod Touch hacker community.

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