Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Penetrating Magnets Illusion

The Penetrating Magnets Illusion
"Magnets are fascinating things, and they behave in
unexpected ways. I will show you a little-known
property of magnets, which actually allows them to
pass through one another."
Donald Simanek | Make Vol. 15- 2008 | Pdf | 2 pgs | 1 mb
Back in 2004, I invented a physics toy using
magnets, one I hadn't seen described elsewhere.
So I called it Simanek's Penetrating Magnet Illusion.
It obeys Newton's laws, like the others, but why
should Newton get all the credit?

This toy is inexpensive and absurdly easy to build.
Find a dozen small, flat ceramic magnets, 1" diameter,
1/4" thick, with a 3/8" hole in the center. You can get
them at RadioShack or hardware stores. You don't
need a full dozen, but extras are good to have.

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