Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bend It Like Bach

Bend It Like Bach
Tim Kaiser's fabulously weird world of music
Karen K. Hanseb| Make Vol. 15- 2008 | Pdf | 5 pgs | 2 mb
When English soccer star David Beckham bends the
ball, the international sports world watches in awe. When
American musician Tim Kaiser bends a circuit, the audi-
ence listens just as intently, be it in an art or performance
space, or a bar, bookstore, or library.

MAKE, Volume 12 (page 14) introduced readers
to Tim Kaiser, but even people who've never
heard of him have probably heard his sounds.
These may emanate from the instruments
Kaiser himself creates and plays, such as
Bungee Drums made from concrete post forms
or the New Metal Violin made out of the battery
compartment of a minesweeper. Or they may
issue forth as distorted or modulated samples
from one of Kaiser's Atomic SonicFX Boxes in the
hands of other artists.

Among those emitting Kaiser sounds are
Duran Duran and film score producer BT (Brian
Transeau), who recently featured some of
Kaiser's instruments in his recording This
Binary Universe.

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