Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sensor Interface

Sensor Interface
Tom Igoe | Make Vol. 05- 2006 | Pdf | 8 pgs | 3 mb
How circuits communicate with the outside world.

A typical home appliance contains several sensors, from the switches and dials you interact with to the temperature sensors and limit switches that keep your coffee pot from overflowing or setting the house on fire when the last cup is gone and the heater's left on. Sensors are central to a hardware hacker's vocabulary. The more of them you know about, the more responsive your devices can be.

What follows is an introduction to the characteristics of most sensors, so you know the range of possibilities. Later, I'll show how to use a few specific sensors.

This article assumes you've got a basic understanding of how electricity works. If you don't. check out Forrest M. Mims' book, Getting Started in Electronics.

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