Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Adam Savage | Make Vol. 08- 2006 | Pdf | 8 pgs | 1 mb
In principle, moldmaking is a simple process, but with every object you want to replicate comes a
new series of pitfalls, innovations, and solutions.

This article explains how to make a two-part, under poured block mold, which is a versatile and beginner-friendly type that's great for small, detailed objects such as jewelry, game pieces, masks, picture frames, and figurines. I learned this technique by apprenticing under some of the great moldmaking masters in the special effects industry, and this article reveals their unpublished tricks. I hope they don't get mad.

We'll make our mold out of silicone rubber, an excellent casting material, but it costs about $100 per gallon. This process uses as little of it as necessary, and it's important to follow all of these instructions, because a mistake can be costly. Then we'll cast our duplicates in opaque urethane resin (clear resin requires a more difficult process).

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