Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Building an Ornithopter

Building an Ornithopter
William Gurstelle | Make Vol. 08- 2006 | Pdf | 10 pgs | 1 mb

For millennia, men and women have studied birds, bats, and beetles, observing and experimenting, attempting to determine what humans must do to fly by flapping.

But people can't fly by flapping: not with wings covering their arms: not with pedaled, chain-driven wings: and, so far, not with internal-combustion engines, either. Nonetheless, the concept of manned ornithopters continues to hover on the periphery of aeronautical engineering. This project shows you how to build a small, rubber band-powered ornithopter we call Orly.

There are many types of ornithopter designs. Orly is a simple monoplane, meaning there is a single wing mounted above the motor-stick, and its motion is similar to a bird in flight.

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