Sunday, August 30, 2009

Networking: A Beginner's Guide

Networking: A Beginner's Guide
Bruce Hallberg | ISBN 0-07-213231-0 | Pdf | 444 pgs | 8 mb
The purpose of this book is both to educate and familiarize. The first part of the book discusses basic networking technology and hardware. Its purpose is to help you understand the basic components of networking, so you can build a conceptual framework into which you can fit knowledge that is more detailed in your chosen area of expertise. The second part of the book familiarizes you with three important network operating systems:
Windows 2000, NetWare 5.1, and Linux (specifically, Red Hat Linux). In the second part, you learn the basics of setting up and administering these network operating systems and about additional networking services available for Windows 2000 and NetWare 5.1. Topics related to other Novell products such as GroupWise, Novell Directory Services (NDS), and Novell BorderManager are also discussed.


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