Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Forever Deep Purple

Forever Deep Purple
Part 1 | 38 Mp3s | 168mb

any fule kno that, bad attitude, black night, burn, call of the wild, child in time, demon's eye, drifter, fireball, highway star, hold on, hungry daze, hush, kentucky woman, knocking at your backdoor, lady double dealer, lalena, lazy, maybe i'm a leo, mean streak, might just take your life, mitzi dupree,never before, nobody's home, perfect strangers, pictures of home, smoke on the water, soldier of fortune, space truckin', speed king, strange kind of woman, strombringer, ted the mechanic, the gypsy, the spanish archer, wasted sunsets, when a blind man cries, woman from tokyo

Part 2 | 13 Mp3s | 141mb

never a word, walk on, doing it tonight, mtv, don`t let go, picture of innocence, back to back, i got your number, girls like that, haunted, rapture of the deep, clearly quite absurd, kiss tomorrow goodbye


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